Our Mission

Our Mission


Reach out to all, propagate Peace to the world, enhance human development; support the unfortunate/ needy, conservation the environment and alleviate human suffering.

Propagate peace and promote initiatives and projects alleviating human suffering and environmental

Propagate Peace, enhance reduction of human suffering and conserve the environment.


Core Objectives

  • To promote peaceful co-existence of communities.
  • Engage in education program for the needy.
  • Introduce low cost housing schemes.
  • Initiate program that promote and improves economical agricultural practice and thus enhance food security.
  • Provision of community health care targeting the needy and vulnerable in the society.
  • Spearhead the conservation of the environment and provision of water (e.g. sinking bore holes, protecting water catchments, practice eco-tourism and afforestation).
  • HIV Aids advocacy and awareness campaign.
  • Economical empowerment for the community by encouraging small scale business and marketing their produce.
  • Counsel and rehabilitate depressed, drug addicts and street children through innovative programs.
  • Civic education on the constitution and other laws.
University of Nairobi