Key Strategic Areas & Programs of The Vine Foundation

The Vine Foundation (TVF), has been working in Kenya since. Through its integrated approach to development, the Epicenter Strategy, The organization is working with partners to ensure that the community successfully access the basic services needed to achieve their development goals and lead lives of self-reliance.

We believe that building on local capacity is integral to ensuring sustainable development. Thus, TVF implements most of its projects in partnership with local organizations, simultaneously building the capacity of these organizations to grow and thrive.

Working through a main partner, we are also able to build capacity within the broader network of community-based organizations and local government, and among individual households and community members.
Key Program areas at The Vine Foundation are in Health, Nutrition, Education, Peace Building, Food Security/Agriculture and Environmental Conservation.


For The Vine Foundation, improving the health of the world's women, men and children is core to our mission. Good health provides the foundation for community and economic development. Health is complex and multidimensional.

We seek to understand what people need to be healthy and to generate the evidence needed to address their health challenges.


Good nutrition is a cornerstone of well-being, particularly in the first 24 months of life. It provides a key foundation for maximizing human potential and national development.

The Vine Foundation partners with countries, international organizations and funders to design strategies, policies, programs and systems that address nutrition emergencies and create sustainable change.


In everything we do, we strive to simultaneously learn and educate. In most instances, the communities we work with teach us much more than we teach them. Education is a participative process within the TVF model; TVF teams and local communities share knowledge with the objective of improving old ideas and

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Peace Building

When conflict breaks out, people in poverty invariably pay the highest price as countless civilians in Syria, Afghanistan, Darfur and the Democratic Republic of Congo will tell you. Fear drives many to take the only option available – fleeing their homes and livelihoods which have often been a struggle to build-up in the first place.

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Food Security & Agriculture

In remote rural areas in many parts of the world, smallholder farmers lack the choices or implementation capacity to consistently produce enough food to feed their families. They live in extreme poverty. The Vine Foundation’s Agriculture Program works with these farmers to confront the challenges of living in an episodic hunger community:

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Environmental Conservation

Environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of program implementation in The Vine Foundation. The Foundation is in the process of bringing together stakeholders in the Environmental conservation to work on a strategy of dealing with the alternative sources of energy to minimize the pressure on forests as well as reduce pollution.

The strategy includes the use of energy stoves in Bungoma County (A pilot project), which will reduce firewood consumption by an average of 60 percent.

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